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Swift & Company Trade Group is a division of JBS Swift, currently the world's largest beef producer and exporter, with a daily harvesting capacity of 73.9 thousand head of cattle and the largest global exporter of processed beef. The company's operations include 25 plants located in 9 Brazilian states and 6 plants located in 4 Argentine provinces, in addition to 16 plants in the USA, 10 in Italy and 10 in Australia.

Additionally, JBS Swift is the third largest pork producer in the USA, with a harvesting capacity of 48.5 thousand head per day.

Our Australian group is also inclusive of sheep and goat production with our trade group being the biggest importer of Pork.

Our brands "Friboi", "Swift", "Swift and Company", "La Herencia", "1855 Swift Premium", "Maturatta", "Cabaña Las Lilas", "Organic Beef Friboi", "Anglo", "Mouran", "Plata", "King Island", "Beef City", "AMH", "Tasman" "Inalca", "Montana" and "Ibise" are widely recognized as symbols of quality.

The company operates in the food and transportation segments with more than 60,000 employees contributing to its success.

As one of Australia's leaders in the meat industry, our objective is to develop strong customer relationships based on fresh products, quality, outstanding service and competitive pricing.

We accomplish this with our positive leadership team and dedicated employees who bring both depth of experience and commitment to our company.

Performance to match the promise..
it makes Swift & Company Trade Group the Natural Choice.

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